Building Construction Process from Start to Finish | Construction Stages of Building a House by; Engr. Kwakauzor E

Following are the Steps Involved in Building Construction Process from Start to Finish;

A. Pre-Construction Steps

  1. To Acquire Land or Plot.
  2. To Seek Technical Help.
  3. Prepare Estimation and Budgets.
  4. Permission from Authorities.
  5. Approach a Builder.
  6. Superstructure – Column.

B. During Building Construction Steps

  1. Site Preparation or Levelling work.
  2. Excavation and PPC.
  3. Foundation.
  4. Plinth Beam or Slab.
  5. Superstructure – Column
  6. Brick Masonry Work.
  7. The Lintel Over Door Window Gaps.
  8. Floor Slab or Roof Structure.
  9. Door Window Framing and Fixations.
  10. Electrical and Plumbing.
  11. Exterior Finishing.
  12. Terrace and Roof Finishing.
  13. Internal Finishes.
  14. Woodwork and Fixture Fittings.

The following are the building construction process step by step Details;

A. Pre-Construction Steps (Phase – I)

1. To Acquire Land or Plot

It is the most important step in building construction. Search for the location for the building which is best suited for building construction purposes. Be careful while selecting land which has all the desired facilities available nearby and should be free from all land-related issues.

It is suggested that do prior data collection before buying land or plot either by doing research online or seek help from real estate agents or concerned persons regarding the effective cost of the same.

2. To Seek Technical Help

After selecting proper land for building, take the help of a professional architect to create building designs and take his/her advice. An architect prepare plan as per building requirement, number of flats, shops based on your requirements and budget.

Then after architect consult with a structural engineer for details of the reinforcements to be used, how deep your foundation will be, the size of gravel to be used, pillar width, etc.

3.Preparing Estimate and Budget

Building construction involves a huge amount of material and budget. After, planning and structural detailing have been completed these details are transferred to the building estimator. The building estimator will estimate the material quantity, quantity of different items of work, and prepare an abstract sheet that shows the cost of building construction.

If financial resources are limited, we need to seek pre-approval for loans in advance, or else you may end up in a cash crunch situation.

4. Permission from Authorities

This is important work to do after the project is ready to be executed. For that, we have to take permission from the local municipal body before you could go for the construction.

Following are the list of document project required before applying for permission. This document may differ from state to state, but some are essential for every building construction work.

a) Land survey: Survey of the land has to be carried out with the help of authorized land surveyor

b) Soil test report of the land.

c) Land documents.

d) Architecture/ elevation/ sectional drawings.

e) Structural report.

f)  Architect Certificate of undertaking on Record and Certificate of the undertaking of Civil Engineer on Record

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5. Approach a Builder

builder or contractor for construction must be chosen carefully because it is a major factor for securing building construction quality and timely construction of work. Pre investigation must be done about the builder before handing in work. In the contract document, all the work-related details must be clearly stated.

The contract document should cover layout and work details along with the payment methods, time scales, and costs. The condition of the contract should be thoroughly checked before signing a final deal.

Building Construction Step (Phase – II)

The following are the building construction steps involves for any type of construction.

1. Site Preparation or Leveling

The construction site must be cleaned before the work is executed. This work involves the removal of roots of trees, debris, and leveling ground area.

2. Excavation and PCC

The foundation of the building ground is excavated with the help of excavating machines as per the building dimension specified in the drawings. In this foundation trench, a layer of PCC (Plain cement concrete) is laid in the dug portion before placing the reinforcements for the foundation.

3. Foundation

building construction
Building Foundation Construction

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